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We are reaching out to the forensic science community. As forensic science expands into all facets of modern law and technology the need for proficient personnel is increasingly becoming an obstacle for commercial and government organizations. Almost every discipline in the forensic science field has been infiltrated by personal computers and data devices, not only making the sciences more efficient but also infinitely more complex.

Within the United States there is no one place government agencies and commercial organizations can seek out to provide the broad spectrum of training necessary in modern forensic sciences. As a nationally recognized educational and training institute we are here to meet the needs of forensic science organizations throughout the country and the world.

The Marshall University Forensic Science Center has unique training facilities and relationships which may be able to provide for your specific training needs. We want to create an open dialogue with all forensic related agencies and organizations regarding their training and testing requirements, so we may further the expertise of professionals within the forensic sciences. We would like you to help us identify the current and future needs of the forensic science community so we can tailor training and educational experiences as required.

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A History of Educating

The Marshall University Forensic Science Center (MUFSC) has a long history of providing education and training. In 1992 classes in DNA Identification and Drug Toxicology were taught at the West Virginia State Police (WVSP) as continuing education courses. In 1994 the Master of Science degree program was started, approved by the West Virginia Board of Trustees, as only one of seven in the country at the time. Today we thrive on our ability to educate both graduate students and professionals from many different forensic science disciplines.

MUFSC's graduate program now offers four areas of emphasis including Computer Forensics, Crime Scene Investigation, DNA Analysis, and Forensic Chemistry. Our Forensic Science Graduate Program is a recognized national leader in Forensic Science education and is FEPAC accredited through the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

We currently offer training to professionals in the field of forensic DNA analysis in the form of Advanced DNA Training, Automation Training, and Forensic DNA Y-STR training. A unique relationship with the Federal Bureau of Investigation has brought law enforcement personnel from across the country to learn the many disciplines taught through the FBI Laboratory Specialized Training Program.

Within recent years we have facilitated Digital Forensics seminars and training for all audiences, including; attorneys, judges, graduate students, and law enforcement agencies. Current offerings include Basic Cell Phone Investigation for the WVSP, eDiscovery conferences, and Internet Investigations. We have also facilitated both SANE and SART training throughout the state of West Virginia, attracting nurses and first-response professionals from far outside the boarders the state.