Advanced DNA Technologies Training

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Marshall University Forensic Science Center offers DNA laboratory and data analysis training. The week-long training session will be taught by our qualified DNA trainer utilizing lecture presentations, hands-on laboratory activities, and data analysis as described in the course Agenda. Individuals should have a basic knowledge of DNA applications for forensic testing; however, a minimum experience level is not required.

Laboratories interested in high-throughput testing, automated methods, or the latest forensic DNA instrumentation will benefit from the training modules provided in this session. Covering each stage of forensic DNA testing, the Advanced DNA Training module emphasizes instrument and software manipulation.

Demonstrations of new products, methods and machinery will also be performed and can vary depending on the interest of the training group. MUFSC can also customize trainings to meet the specific needs of laboratories; including various robotics and liquid handlers which can be made available for specialized training exercises.

Training topics include:

  • An Introduction to Forensic DNA Analysis
  • How to Extract DNA
  • An Introduction to Quantitation Procedures
  • The Polymerase Chain Reaction and You
  • The Capillary Electrophoresis Primer
  • Applied Biosystems 3130 Instrument Setup
  • 3130 Spectral Calibration and Data Collection Exercises
  • 7500 Preventative Maintenance
  • 7500 Quantifiler® Duo and Plexor® HY Runs
  • GeneMapper® ID Software Setup
  • GeneMapper® ID Software Algorithms
  • Real-Time PCR Data Analysis
  • Qiagen BioRobot EZ1 Workstation Demonstration
  • Capillary Electrophoresis Artifact Identification
  • GeneMapper® ID Identifiler® Data Analysis
  • GeneMapper® ID PowerPlex® 16 Data Analysis
  • GeneMapper® ID Software Customization
  • 3130 Plate Record Templates
  • Microsoft Excel Macros and You
  • Qiagen Qiagility and RotorGene Demonstration

* Use of instruments and software kits is not necessarily an endorsement of the product.

Inquire About Training

We provide both onsite and offsite training on a case by case basis. Our staff is available for individual or group sessions at your facility, our facility, or another location of your choice. Please contact us to inquire further regarding your training needs.

Training Schedule

We currently have no in-house training sessions scheduled.

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Applicant Requirements

  • Employed by an accredited forensic crime laboratory
  • Currently employed as a DNA Analyst or directly related position
  • Have a desire to expand professional knowledge of DNA analysis
  • Complete pre-workshop exercises, readings and documentation as requested
  • Be willing to actively participate in classroom activities and discussions
  • Be willing to travel to attend training

Previous NIJ Funded Trainings

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From April 2005 to December 2011 Marshall University Forensic Science Center provided Advanced DNA Technologies Training to more than 615 forensic scientists. Marshall University Forensic Science Center received federal funds from the National Institute of Justice to provide Advanced DNA Technologies Training to qualified forensic scientists through the President’s DNA Initiative: Advancing Justice Through DNA Technology.

To learn more about the DNA Initiative please visit the official website.

To learn more about the National Institute of Justice please visit their official website.