Advanced DNA Training

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Marshall University Forensic Science Center offers hands-on DNA sample and data analysis training. The training is taught by one of our qualified DNA scientists utilizing lecture presentations, hands-on laboratory activites and data analysis. Idividuals should have a basic knowledge of DNA analysis applications for forensic testing; however, a minimum experience level is not required.

Individuals interested in high-throughput testing, automated methods, using the latest forensic DNA analysis instrumentation, process validation or mixture interpretation will benefit from the training modules that can be provided as a part of this program.

MUFSC can customize the training to meet the specific platform needs of laboratories.

Typical training topics include:

  • Introduction to forensic DNA analysis
  • Extraction techniques and instrumentation
  • Sample quantitation techniques and instruments
  • PCR theory and practice
  • Capillary electrophoresis platfoms
  • 3130, 3500 instrument setup and use
  • Quantifcation and CE instrument maintenance
  • Quantification theory and practice (Quantifiler® and Plexor® kits)
  • Use of GeneMapper® ID/IDX software and algorithms
  • Real-Time PCR data analysis
  • Use of Qiagen BioRobotic workstations
  • Data analysis, interpretation and review (platform specific)
  • Correlation of validation and data interpretation

Inquire About Training

We provide both onsite and offsite training on a case by case basis. Our staff is available for individual or group sessions at your facility, our facility, or another location of your choice. Please contact us to inquire further regarding your training needs.

Training Schedule

We currently have no in-house training sessions scheduled.

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