Scientific Working Groups



Forensic Science Scientific Working Groups (SWGs)

Abbreviation Organization and URL
FISWG Facial Identification
SWGANTH Forensic Anthropology
SWGCBRN Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear
SWGDAM DNA Analysis Methods
SWGDE Digital Evidence
SWGDOC Questioned Documents
SWGDOG Dog and Orthogonal Detector Guidelines
SWGDRUG Analysis of Seized Drugs
SWGDVI Disaster Victim Identification
SWGFAST Friction Ridge Analysis Study and Technology
SWGFEX Fire and Explosives
SWGGSR Gunshot Residue
SWGGUN Firearms and Toolmarks
SWGIBRA Illicit Business Records Analysis
SWGIT Imaging Technology
SWGMAT Materials Analysis
SWGMDI Medicolegal Death Investigation
SWGSTAIN Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
SWGTOX Toxicology
SWGTREAD Shoeprint and Tire Tread Evidence
SWGWILD Wildlife Forensics