Forensic Resource Network

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MUFSC is one of four members of the Forensic Resource Network (FRN). The FRN was created by the NIJ as a mechanism to increase the capabilities and capacities of local and state forensic laboratories. While forensic scientists strive to meet the immediate needs of their community, technology is moving forward.

Advanced technology implementation requires crime laboratory personnel to learn new skills through continuing education and credentialing. New technology must undergo refinement and validation before acceptance and transfer into working crime laboratories. Consensus method standards and traceable materials must be available to allow laboratories to operate at the highest level of quality and maintain public confidence.

Members of the FRN are able to meet the technology and training needs of the forensic science community and create model programs that can be directly transferred to state and local crime laboratories.

The four critical areas addressed by the FRN:

  • Training
  • Technology transfer
  • Methods research and development, training & evaluation
  • Analytical methods – prepare forensic scientists to meet current and future challenges affecting national guidelines and stakeholder expectations.