Seminars & Training

December 4, 2008

MAAFS Sponsors: Questioned Documents Workshop

This workshop will address the authenticity and detection aspects of valuable signatures to include presidential, athlete, movie star, and musician autographs. We will also discuss investigative and examination techniques, research tools, and industry contacts that may assist in these types of cases. Several industry representatives will be present to add their experiences and insight into the topic.

This workshop will conclude with a VIP tour of the National Baseball Hall Of Fame & Museum, which will include a "behind the scenes" look at various paper and photograph conservation techniques and tools utilized by the Baseball HOF to preserve their treasures.

Attendance is limited and priority will be given to MAAFS QD section members followed by Non-MAAFS Questioned Document Examiners and lastly, Forensic Professionals in other non-Questioned Document disciplines.

Training Information:

Duration: 1 day
Location: Cooperstown, NY
Workshop Dues: MAAFS Members $50, Non-members $200

Contact: Gabe Watts at (703) 632-7299, or Pete Belcastro at (703) 632-7300.

Hotel Information (for those interested in staying over):