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July 2014

MUFSC graduate student wins an Association of Firearms & Toolmarks Examiners scholarship

Daniel Botello

Daniel Botello is the recipient of a 2013 Association of Firearms & Toolmarks Examiners scholarship.

Mr. Botello graduated from the University of Texas – Austin with a B.S. in Biology with a focus in Microbiology. He worked at a biotech firm in Austin for three years prior to pursuing a Master's Degree. He recently finished his first year of a two-year M.S. program in Forensic Science at Marshall University. His current focus of study is in Crime Scene Investigation and Digital Forensics.

Mr. Botello has been working as an intern at the Kentucky State Police Eastern Regional Crime Laboratory since January 2013. During the summer of 2013, he will continue to work with KSP's Dwight Deskins toward the goal of completing a study on the effects of bullet velocity and gunpowder type on GSR patterns in regards to distance determination.

After graduation, Mr. Botello plans to enter into the field of Firearm and Toolmark Identification and would also like to do more research to contribute to the validity of the field.

The Association of Firearms & Toolmarks Examiners (AFTE) awards $2000.00 annually to students seeking a career in Forensic Science.

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