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November 2012

Brunty presents social media, forensics ties at conference

A Marshall University faculty member and former digital forensics examiner and laboratory manager was invited to make a presentation at an Evidence Conference held last month in Washington, D.C.

Josh Brunty, an assistant professor of digital forensics in Marshall's department of Integrated Science and Technology, spoke about "Social Media for Forensics" at the comprehensive two-day event.

The Evidence Conference covered evidence collection, handling, analysis, chain of custody, while focusing on crime scene and mobile device forensics. Participants were offered the opportunity to share information about technologies as well as to address questions about accreditation and standards for forensic science laboratories.

In addition, Brunty and MU graduate student Katherine Helenek are co-authors of a book, Social Media Investigation for Law Enforcement, published by Anderson Publishing, which is due out Dec. 15. The book looks at social media, which are becoming increasingly important? and controversial? investigative sources, the authors say, and gives an overview of the current state of digital forensic investigations of Facebook and other social media networks. Brunty and Helenek look at the state of the law and discuss the implications for privacy and other controversial areas and point to future trends.