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Crime Scene Investigation Coordinator


Search Number: MURC465

Position: Crime Scene Investigation Coordinator

Location: Forensic Science Center

Position Type: Full-time position Salary: $32,000/annually


Qualifications: Master's degree in Forensic Science or other physical science; crime scene investigation related training/experience; experience working with law enforcement agencies; teaching experience and/or experience giving presentations or lectures; understanding of issues related to crime scene investigation and crime scene investigation certification programs; working knowledge of computer software such as Microsoft Office Suite with emphasis on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; basic proficiency with Adobe PhotoShop; knowledge of crime scene sketching software such as 3D Eyewitness or Crime Zone; ability to work with closed circuit video and audio equipment; strong communication skills including the ability to give presentations and lectures to professionals and graduate students.


Duties: Work with law enforcement officers and other law professionals in order to develop a statewide (WV) crime scene investigation certification program with the West Virginian State Police; coordinate training conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other federal law enforcement agencies at the MUFSC; coordinate training activities with the Huntington Police Department and the West Virginia State Police at the MUFSC; development of the MUFSC mock crime scene house; operation of the closed circuit audio/video equipment for use at the MUFSC mock crime scene house; provide crime scene related input including the administration of crime scene investigation related lectures and practical exercises for graduate students in the MUFS graduate program; work independently or with limited supervision, while exercising good judgment; prepare letters, reports, and proposals as required; work within a diverse team environment including professionals, law enforcement, students and others; other duties as assigned.


Send cover letter, resume and contact information for three references to:


Judy Fry

Forensic Science Center

1401 Forensic Science Center

Huntington, WV 25701


Deadline for applications: Position is open until filled

Date Published: 03/30/2009

Background Check Required: YES