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DNA Expert Systems Research Analyst


Search Number: MURC410

Position: DNA Expert Systems Research Analyst

Location: Forensic Science Center

Position Type: Full-time position Salary: $38,000/annually


Qualifications: MS degree in Forensic Science or other applicable field with successful completion of population statistics and a minimum of 12 semester or equivalent credit hours of a combination of undergraduate and graduate course work covering the subject areas of biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology (molecular genetics, recombinant DNA technology); advanced experience with commercially available expert systems used for DNA analysis (at a minimum - proficiency with GeneMapper ID, TrueAllele Systems 2 and 3, and FSS-i3); training in single source and mixture interpretation of STR DNA data; experience in DNA analysis laboratory procedures and instrumentation; certified training from company vendors of expert systems (at a minimum Applied Biosystem's GeneMapper ID, Cybergenetic's TrueAllele Systems 2 and 3, and Forensic Science Service's FSS-i3); strong understanding of Microsoft Office Suite with emphasis on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; ability to communicate effectively both verbally and written; ability and motivation to learn new skills (within a reasonable time frame) as required; advanced proficiency in scientific journal writing and presentation format; ability to work independently or with limited supervision, while exercising good judgment.


Duties: Analyze DNA data using commercially available expert systems; compare and summarize expert system results to manual interpretation results; attend training for newly available expert systems; present project updates at scientific venues; field inquiries concerning demonstration sessions held at Marshall University Forensic Science Center; organize and lead demonstration sessions held at Marshall University Forensic Science Center; interact with members of the NEST Project Implementation Team and/or Advisory Board as necessary; delegate duties to NEST Project Implementation Team members; instruct new NEST Project Implementation Team members on DNA Analysis and use of Expert Systems; supervise and/or guide NEST Implementation Team members with less experience develop and organize research projects related to the NEST Project; communicate with expert system vendors; report to Program Director with updates; direct contact for NIJ Technical Consultant; field inquiries concerning expert systems; other duties as necessary.


Submit cover letter, resume and contact information for three references to:


Jan Weece

1401 Forensic Science Drive

Huntington, WV 25701


Deadline for applications: Position is open until filled

Date Published: 04/22/2008

Background Check Required: YES