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MISDE Technical Leader/FSC Manager of Information Technology


Search Number: MURC361

Position: MISDE Technical Leader/FSC Manager of Information Technology

Location: Forensic Science Center

Position Type: Full-time position Salary: $52,046-56,290/annually


Qualifications: Master's degree in Digital Forensic Science, Computer Science, or a related science from an accredited college or university; minimum of five years of relevant problem solving or related analytical laboratory experience; experience in laboratory supervision and management; experience in Digital Forensic Science analysis; working knowledge of CODIS laboratory operations; working knowledge of computer network systems and forensic-specific hardware and software integration; working knowledge of physical and logical security access systems. Comprehensive knowledge of forensic scientific theory, principles, practices, and laboratory operations; comprehensive knowledge of applicable federal/state laws and regulations; ability to manage laboratory operations; ability to establish rapport and communicate effectively with customers, faculty, staff and students; ability to coordinate all information technology and security operations of the CODIS and MISDE laboratories; ability and coordination in handling equipment and samples as required by laboratory protocol; high level of visual acuity; may be required to lift items up to 70 pounds; travel may be required.


Duties: Oversight of computer and network hardware and software validation, implementation, maintenance and troubleshooting for the Forensic Science Center; provide guidance and supervision of MISDE laboratory staff, as well as mentor and manage an assistant(s) who will be involved in information technology and security support; responsible for administration of the physical and logical security systems of the FSC facility and the privileged information created, stored, and transmitted from within; work with the CODIS and MISDE laboratory Quality Manager to ensure compliance with applicable laboratory and standards organizations, the University, and the School of Medicine by reviewing existing policies and procedures, and if necessary, revising them or establishing new ones; conduct complex Digital Forensic analysis and data interpretation and technical review at full performance level in accordance to established procedures and protocols as necessary; consult with state/federal agencies and the scientific community at large; review and make recommendations on FSC hardware and software purchases; perform related work as required and assigned by the Director or his/her designee.


Send cover letter, resume and contact information for three references to:


Lisa Harrold

1401 Forensic Science Drive

Huntington, WV, 25701


Deadline for applications: Position is open until filled

Date Published: 07/06/2007