Digital Forensics Partners

Appalachian Institute of Digital Evidence (AIDE)

The Marshall University Forensic Science Center is one of many sponsors of AIDE. The Appalachian Institute of Digital Evidence is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the professionals and students of the legal, technical and business communities that work with digital evidence. The Appalachian Institute of Digital Evidence exists to help both professionals and students not only survive but thrive in this ever changing landscape where technology and the law meet.

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Department of Integrated Science & Technology

The Marshall University Forensic Science Center has collaborated with the Department of Integrated Science and Technology to provide various digital forensic-related trainings and educational opportunities. This collaboration better prepares students for careers in the collection, preservation, examination and analysis of evidence from computers and other electronic devices.

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West Virginia State Police

MUFSC first established a MOU with the WVSP Crime Laboratory in 1995 and since that time the memorandum has been renewed as the administration of the WVSP changes. In 2005 an MOU was signed which focused on developing the digital forensics capabilities of the WVSP, local law enforcement, the MUFSC, and the criminal justice system as a whole. Using obtained grant funds, the MUFSC worked closely with WVSP to establish two (2) digital forensics laboratories, one in Morgantown and the other at the MUFSC facility in Huntington, WV.

Through this partnership, the WVSP and MUFSC work together to further develop a quality system for examination of digital evidence and jointly develop training and continuing education to support crime scene investigators. Addtionally, the MUFSC and WVSP write grants financially support education and training of law enforcement examiners and prospective examiners as well as students within the digital forensics programs at Marshall University. Finally, the WVSP and MUFSC work to conduct research and validation of new software and hardware prior to use in the digital forensic laboratory.

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Marshall University Forensic Science Center, in conjunction with the Department of Integrated Science and Technology, has partnered with AccessData, a world leader in digital forensic software. Under this agreement, Marshall University conducts various forensic-related research on newly introduced technologies for AccessData. Marshall students, staff, and faculty conduct research on new browsers, instant messenger clients, and other Internet-related applications. The results of this research is incorporated into AccessData training, training materials, and products that will be delivered to a worldwide audience. Additionally, Marshall University and AccessData have agreed to host various trainings within Marshall’s state-of-the-art digital forensic training laboratories.

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Second Creek Technologies, LLC

The Marshall University Forensic Science Center has created a cooperative agreement with Second Creek Technologies. This developing relationship fully supports our mission to unite West Virginia state resources with Marshall University, creating diverse thinking and open opportunities for the advancement of both parties. This relationship will facilitate the sharing of resources and technologies, along with providing practical experience for graduate students interested in Computer Forensics in the form of internships and the possibility of direct career placement.

Second Creek’s commercial enterprises in the field of Computer Forensics are at the forefront of using technology to help solve civil and corporate legal disputes and identifying misuse of technology in the private sector. Their team creates a synergy between information technology personnel working side by side with attorneys to accomplish a shared goal. With our partnership the company has access to staff on the cutting edge of digital evidence recovery, along with an array of technology resources held within the Forensic Science Center’s Computer Forensics laboratory.

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