Contact Information

Getting contact information, including email and telephone, for staff at the Marshall University Forensic Science Center (MUFSC) is easy using the listings provided below. The MUFSC micro-campus accommodates staff for our FEPAC accredited Forensic Science Graduate Program and our ANAB accredited Forensic DNA Analysis laboratories, along with MUFSC support personnel.

Forensic Science Center

Title Name Telephone Email
MUFSC Director Dr. Terry Fenger (304) 691-8960
Special Projects Ted Smith (304) 691-8945
Program Analyst Melissa Michels (304) 691-8969
IT Manager Ian Levstein (304) 691-8966
Digital Media Wes Gibson (304) 691-8967

Forensic DNA Laboratory

DNA Technical Leader Jason Chute (304) 691-8946
Senior DNA Analyst Misty Marra (304) 691-8952
Training Coordinator Judy Fry (304) 691-8959

Forensic DNA Relationship Testing

Senior Relationship Analyst Season Seferyn (304) 691-8971 Call for casework inquiries

Forensic Science Graduate Program

MS Program Inquires Dr. Catherine Rushton (304) 691-8968
Program Manager Tiffany Hussell (304) 691-8964
Program Assistant Amber Payne (304) 691-8963

Digital Forensics

MUFSC Director Dr. Terry Fenger (304) 691-8960