Graham Rankin, PhD

Dr. Graham Rankin

Dr. Graham Rankin holds doctorates in Chemical Oceanography and Analytical Chemistry. He taught chemistry at Marshall University beginning in 1993 where he was on the faculty advisory board for the Forensic Science Program from its inception (1994) and lectured part-time beginning with the first entering class of graduate students.

Beginning Fall 2000, he transferred full time to the Forensic Science Program. He has developed the Forensic Chemistry emphasis for students interested in drug, toxicology, arson, explosives or trace analysis. His research areas are the individualization of smokeless powders and gasoline found in post-blast and fire debris, and impurity profiling of drugs.

Rankin is a Fellow of American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS), (Criminalistics Section), Diplomate of American Board of Criminalists (ABC) with a specialty in fire debris analysis, a member of American Chemical Society (Analytical and Chemistry & Law divisions), Society of Analytical Spectroscopists, Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists, and Technical Working Group of Fire and Explosives (co-chair of the Explosives Lab Analysis Education committee). He is also the chair of the Criminalistics Subcommittee (E30.01) of the ASTM E30 Forensic Science standards committee.

Dr. Rankin recently was appointed to be an Associate Editor of the Journal of ASTM International. When he is not working on "things that burn down, blow up or get you high", he is a gourmet cook and musician.

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  • Dr. Rankin retired from Marshall University in August of 2013.

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